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Talisa "Tali" Appleby

I started working when I was 14 years old. My age was irrelevant if my work was of excelled caliber. I attended an international boarding school in Ojai, California.

Overnight, I became an international private tutor, working closely with American, Chinese, Taiwan, Mexican, and Korean citizenry. More than 15 years have passed and I have expanded to offer additional expertise - View All Services.

In April of 2018, I decided to settle roots in Texas and have renamed my business as “That Tali Appleby.” My logo is a pictogram of my name.

My personal goal is to become a polyglot (someone who can speak several languages). While English is my native language, I can also read, write, and speak (non-natively) in Spanish, conversational in American Sign Language, and I am currently studying Mandarin Chinese. I am ambitious, perhaps my next goal shall be to offer my services in a multilingual capacity upon language excellence.


Virtual Assistant

For an additional cost, I can be summoned to physical locations (location based on availability). My services include:

  • – Calendar management
  • – E-mail correspondence
  • – Filing
  • – Inventory
  • – Customer Service (written and verbal communication)
  • – Form Submission



  • – Authorized Notary Agent for the State of Texas
  • – Member of the National Notary Association
  • – Bonded $10,000 / year
  • – E&O Insured $100,000 / year


International Private Tutor

I specialize in tutoring college essay writing. I have created a system to help breakdown the writing process into manageable bites. However, I also tutor a diversity of subjects for all ages, including, but not limited to:

  • – Languages: Spanish, English